Les bouffons des Lions

 Nos deux comiques Afellay & fellaini ont été élus meilleurs Bouffons de l'année 2007



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Aissati with MOROCCO

FC Twente midfielder Ismail Aissati, who won the Euro U21 with young Holland last summer, expressed today that he will not play for the first team of Holland and will opt instead for Morocco.

Aissati (18), who is born in Utrecht from Moroccan parents, says he will follow his heart.

"With the Moroccan anthem I feel more than with the Wilhelmus (Dutch anthem)",

"My feeling for the country (Morocco) is very strong. I go there every year."
Although Aissati plays at the moment for Young Holland, he still can switch to Morocco before the age of 21.

"Just when one of the two countries calls me up for the first team, I will truly make my choice. When the invitation is there, I will know"

"Yes. some boys look at the sport aspect, to how many Euro and World Cups they could play for example. Or to other practical advantages. I would never do that."

His choice for Young Holland is more pratical than final.

"I am still young, then it is better If you would not have to travel a lot. It is also good for me to develope among good players  of my age, there I learn a lot from."

His buddy Ibrahim Afellay has recently opted for Holland. Both players spoke about their choice several times.

"I have told Ibrahim that I will always keep supporting him, no matter what his choice is. As friends you don't always need to agree with each other, I believe."

Aissati just confirmed what earlier was reported by Moroccan media.

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